SMS software developed outside Nepal and currently being integrated with CAS does not meet specific requirement of government of Nepal and prevailing Tax law. Most of the software has generic features catering basic needs of client in the surrounding markets and hired on a hosted basis. In one hand, there is a major issue of data security because it remains under the control of SMS vendor, in the other hand outsourcing of SMS software is comparatively higher as lot of hidden cost involves in the deal. Similarly, after sales service is not proper because of cost issue. Moreover, Digital TV player has to outsource another accounting software for billing purpose as billing module is not approved by IRD (Inland Revenue Department).

Custom Built

Access View is a custom-built SMS module designed and developed targeting local digital television operators such as MSO, MMDS and LCO.

Secured & Dynamic

Access View is very secured, user friendly and dynamic software scalable to meet the requirement of its client in terms of its localized features, functioning and overall efficiency.


SMS is also scalable for further customization taking next level of DAS (Digital Addressable System) implementation into account.

Support & Service

NAV provides online support on SMS system for minor issues through remote access to ensure smooth operation. Regular online support is available during normal business hours. NAV also provides dedicated support to the customer having a specific need depending upon the volume of transactions. An efficient support team is designated to provide prompt service to the customer in order to reduce possible downtime to the formidable extent. Operating manual is prepared and uploaded to the site to have the complete knowledge on running the software and basic troubleshooting guidelines for L1 support.

In case of arising major problems, NAV team makes site visit at the earliest possible and provide support service to get the problem resolved.

Software Features